Pixel Dust Drone

Aerial Videography Information:

Drone Rates:  $300 per hour.

When considering adding a drone to your wedding filming experience we need to look at your timeline to confirm when you want the drone to film.  I recommend adding it before you have us scheduled to start filming on the ground.  This way we can make full use of the aerial equipment’s capabilities to capture location shots.

Aerial Videography Requirements:

  • You must have permission from your venue
  • Aerial Videography is weather and location permitting. If the weather is such that we cannot fly our drone safely you will be reimbursed $170 ($50 goes to the pilot for holding the day.)  Also, sometimes there are radio, magnetic or other interference in a given area that cause issues with the flight controls.  In those circumstances the drone will not be used and you will be reimbursed $185.
  • Drones may not be flown during the ceremony unless well away (horizontally and never directly overhead) from any guests.
  • If the pilot does not feel the environment is secure and safe for the guests, location and/or gear he will not fly the drone. You will be refunded $170.
  • Location for filming must not be on the FAA do not fly list.
  • We fly a DJI Inspire 1 Dual-Controller (FAA Registered) Drone.