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Seattle Wedding Show

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The Seattle Wedding Show is where couples from all over the Northwest come to plan their big day.  With over 400 of Seattle’s top wedding vendors there to meet, offer discounts and show off their stuff this event is a must see for any engaged couple to attend.

Exclusive Look at the Seattle Wedding Show
Produced by Pixel Dust Weddings

This year at the 2014 Seattle Wedding Show there were over 7,000 attendees cruising the booths, sampling the cakes, and trying on dresses.  As a vendor it’s so much fun to meet all the couples and chat about their dream wedding.

For more info on the show or to get tickets for next years event please visit their site at:

Bainbridge Island our #1 Destination Wedding Venue!

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We love Bainbridge Island for (at least) two reasons.

First, what’s not to love.  We wander through the shops in Winslow, take our dogs for hikes on all the trails, and visit my Dad who lives there.

And second, what a great place to get married.  As someone who’s recently married and in the “marriage business” I can spot a great venue when I see one and Bainbridge has several.  Think Manor House at Pleasant Beach, IslandWood, Bloedel Reserve, and Kiana Lodge (yes, I know it’s technically Poulsbo but it’s too great not to include).

As far as we can tell Pixel Dust Weddings is the only Seattle Wedding Video company who will shoot weddings on Bainbridge Island and NOT charge an overnight fee.  We only charge to ride the ferry and if things run late it’s just an excuse to visit my Dad for overnight.

So we’ve been anxious to work on Bainbridge and are delighted to announce our first contract to shoot a wedding to be held at Kiana Lodge in September.  We can’t wait!!!

If you’re planning a wedding soon consider Bainbridge as a great “destination wedding venue” and choose Pixel Dust to be your Bainbridge Island Videographer.  Check us out on Yelp, MyWedding, WeddingWire, Facebook and any other source. 

An Unforgettable Event…

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Pixel Dust donates their time to film Brad & Tommy’s wedding. Brad, who suffers from
short-term memory loss, will now be able to remember their wedding day forever.

Early October I received an email from Lisa Blair, the Director of Catering at the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle telling me about Brad and Tommy.  I got chills when I read about Brad and Tommy who were about to be wed but on a very tight budget due to all their hospital bills.  Here is an excerpt from her email:

“Brad and Tommy were supposed to marry here this past March.  Unfortunately Brad came home from work and found Tommy on the floor not breathing!  He gave him CPR and called 911.   Tommy had suffered from a brain aneurism and was in Harborview for months.   He has had an amazing recovery (and brain surgery) and we rescheduled their wedding for next month.   The only sad part is Tommy now has very little short term memory due to his illness.   I strongly suggested to Brad that they video tape the wedding day so that he can replay for Tommy.   Obviously their wedding funds are depleted greatly due to hospital bills, but I am hoping you can help me find a way to work with these guys?”

I immediately picked up the phone, called Lisa and offered my time to help out.  Lisa wrote out an email to Brad and asked if he would be interested.  Brad was thrilled and called me right away to go over the details of his big day.  When I spoke with Brad we decided to keep it a secret from Tommy and surprise him after the ceremony.  Immediately I became excited because not only was I filled with the joy of helping another human being but I also now got to keep it a surprise and stay hidden until the ceremony.  So fun!  Good thing I use DSLR cameras because they look like photographers cameras so I was able to blend in as the photographer, Dani Weiss’s assistant.

We started the day with a brief interview to tell the story and to set the stage to surprise Tommy.  The event was amazing!  The couple was glowing!  And here I am, writing this blog and starting to tear up just thinking about it.  The day was truly one to remember… and now Tommy gets to remember it too!

Love you guys!  XO


Brad and TommyBrad and Tommy
Brad and TommyBrad and Tommy