Adapting to Covid for Wedding Videography

Like many small businesses around the country, Pixeldust Weddings has had to adapt to meet the challenges wedding videographers face in the Covid era. Fortunately we were well equipped to meet this challenge utilizing our past work experiences in risk management in aerospace. We were able to use the process analysis methods that keep you safe in a plane to adapt our business to help keep you safe at a wedding. We have also created new policies that reduce the hardship caused by unpredictable regulation changes. What this results in for you is a safer wedding that doesn’t feel unsightly or incumbered by safety requirements and worry free booking.

With transparency in mind we are posting our most common Covid related FAQ’s we have received in 2020. Check out our FAQ page for non-Covid questions.

Covid Related Reschedule Policy:

All weddings that need to change their date due to Covid can be rescheduled at no charge to any future date that is not already booked.

Covid Related Cancelation Policy:

There are no cancelation fees and all monies paid expect for the 25% deposit will be returned. The deposit however will be permanently honored in case you choose to reschedule at a later date or choose an alternative video product.

What are you doing to keep everyone safe on the wedding day?

  • Masks: All Pixledust Wedding’s employees will be in a mask at all times during your wedding. If there are times that it is necessary to film inside we will wear two masks. One N-95 mask to protect ourselves and a wedding appropriate white mask on top to protect everyone else and continue to look formal.
  • Disinfect: All microphones are disinfected after every shoot. We also carry small bottles of disinfectant with us for our hands for the occasional times we need to handle objects throughout the day.
  • Distancing: We have reduced the amount of times both videographers will be in the same room . We have also purchased new lenses that allow for the second shoot to remain at a great distance.
  • Live-Streaming: We now offer live-streaming for all weddings and can operate even without reliable WIFI as long as there is cell reception. Example:
  • Information: We are keeping up to date on all regulations and rules impacting weddings in Washington State.