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Where are you located and how far will you travel?

We are located in Seattle, WA and are willing to travel as far as you would like. In general, up to 50 miles from Seattle is included in your package. If travel time is further than 2.5 hours from Seattle, overnight accommodations may be needed.


I am having a classy wedding. Is your team going to fit in?

Yes! We dress appropriately! That may mean a suit and jacket for some weddings or a Hawaiian t-shirt for others. Let us know if you are going for a particular look, otherwise we will arrive in formal attire.

How do I decide on how many hours of video coverage I need for my wedding?

  • 6 Hours typically covers the ceremony to the start of open dancing at the reception.
  • 8 Hours typically covers the final touches of getting ready to open dancing.
  • 10 Hours typically covers most of getting ready through a good part of dancing.
  • 12 Hours typically covers your whole day, from getting ready to your send off at the end of the night.

If you are planning on doing a location change during the wedding day, we recommend you add an hour to these guidelines. When booking, we will talk about your plans and we can help you choose the right amount of hours for your day.


Have you filmed at my venue before?

Probably. Just ask and we can see if we have any example videos we can send you.

How long does it take for me to get my videos?

We never rush a wedding film. Your first film will be delivered within one month of your wedding. The average delivery time is 1-3 months and the latest is 120 days. The films are delivered in parts so you can share the Sneak Peak and Highlight films sooner.

How is music selected? Can we pick our songs?

By law, music for your videos must be licensed due to copyrights. To solve this, we’re partnered with multiple music licensing services. This lets us use today’s hits and the wedding classics. Most couples choose their own music from the website or they pick a style they want us choose from. To save a little time, we also have a yearly wedding playlist that includes all of our favorite wedding songs.

Will you work well with my Photographer?

We look at a wedding as a team event, where each one of your vendors are a player, with the ultimate goal of you having an amazing wedding day. With this in mind, our top priority is making sure you have the best day possible, and delivering an exceptional wedding video is a very close second. In reality, this means we balance our time so that we get what we need for the video without taking up time in your already very packed day. Photographers love us for this because it allows them to get in a stride without having to worry about stepping on our toes. We excel at taking advantage of downtime and filming from behind the scenes. Since we have been active in the wedding community since 2013, there is a good chance we have worked with most of your vendors before.

Can you hold my wedding date? How does booking work?

Your wedding date can be reserved with a signed contract and a 25% deposit of your package price.

What is your payment schedule?

20% of your package price is due upon signing the contract to reserve your date. The balance is due 30 days before your wedding day. We are happy to offer payment plans if requested. We primarily accept checks but you can also accept credit cards through PayPal for a small fee.

If we are running behind schedule, will you stay longer than we booked you for?

We work with you in selecting a package that best fits your day and we excel at working with your other vendors to make sure everything goes according to plan. Typically we fit everything in, even when weddings are running behind schedule. But if something happens and you need us for longer than booked we are always happy to stay. Extra time is billed by the 1/2 hour.

How do you deliver our videos?

All videos are delivered online using a private video hosting website. This is a private platform that makes watching, sharing, & downloading a breeze without losing the classic professional DVD-style menus. The app also makes it easy for you to share and stream your videos on any device (i.e smartphone/TV). DVD’s and USB’s can be purchased on request.

Do you capture the audio from our day? And how?

Yes! Good audio is what makes our wedding films so compelling and we strive to capture as much of it as we can. We use professional microphones on all of our cameras and will mic up the groom and officiant for the ceremony and first look. We also love backups and will have a minimum of 3 separate audio recordings for your ceremony and toasts to ensure we never have any issues. Last but not least we only use audio that makes you look good, so no need to worry about watching what you say 🙂

Do we have to feed you at the wedding reception?

Yes, please!  As weddings are very long days, we do require a meal break. We recommend that we be served at the same time as the bride and groom so that when you are done eating, we are done eating and can start capturing the next event.