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Seattle wedding venues that we LOVE

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Seattle wedding venues that we LOVE

Today, I wanted to highlight a few of our favorite Seattle wedding venues that I think are worth checking out for your 2024-2025 wedding. Seattle has many neighborhoods that each has their own pro & cons for wedding venues. This list tries to highlight a few of our favorite in every corner of the city so you can see everything Seattle has to offer for your wedding.

The Seattle wedding venues in our list:

Almquist Winery

Chihuly Garden & Glass

Dukes at Dockside

Seattle Asian Art Museum

The Admiral's House

The Edgewater Hotel

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Georgetown Ballroom

Four Seasons Hotel

Parson's Garden

The Seattle Asian art Museum is located in the Capital hill neighborhood and in Volunteer park. The wedding venue has a spacious public outdoor space for photos and interior for guests to mingle in during the reception. The museum can accommodate your wedding photo sessions, ceremony, and reception. There are a few public parking places available but it can be tough to find a spot. I would recommend shuttles for a busy day.

#really cool ceremony location

The Chihuly Garden & Glass is located in the Seattle center directly underneath the Space Needle. The garden and adjoining venue are a wonderscape of art and design. The gardens can accommodate your wedding ceremony, reception, and parking via valet and a nearby public lots.

#artistic photo locations

Dockside at Dukes is located in South Lake Union. The Seattle wedding venue has a spacious outdoor space and views of the water. They can accommodate your wedding ceremony, reception, and parking. There is a small getting ready space at Dockside or ample accommodations at the Silver Cloud Hotel directly across the street.

#great summer venue

The Admiral’s House is located in the Queen Anne Neighborhood of Seattle. This Seattle wedding venue feels like a private oasis in the heart of a city. They can accommodate getting ready, ceremonies, and receptions. Parking is only available via shuttle.

#great city views

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is located in downtown Seattle. The Fairmont is a timeless classic of the Seattle wedding venue scene. It can provide everything for your wedding including getting ready spaces, ceremony, reception, parking via valet and a nearby garage, and accommodations.

#great photo locations

The Edgewater Hotel is located in downtown Seattle on the waterfront. This Seattle wedding venue provides the finest waterfront views and reception space. They can accommodate getting ready, ceremonies, receptions, parking, and accommodations.

#beautiful and easy guest experience

The Four Seasons Hotel is located in downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market. The Four Seasons is a classic Seattle wedding venue and has all of ease and luxury you would expect from the brand. The hotel can provide everything for your wedding including getting ready spaces, ceremony, reception, parking via valet and a nearby garage, and accommodations.

#near Pike Place

Georgetown Ballroom is located in South Seattle. This Seattle wedding venue may be the most unique in the city. The venue can accommodate getting ready, your ceremony, and reception. Parking is available in smaller public lots nearby.

#unique ambiance

Parsons Gardens is located in Queen Anne near the Admirals House. This venue a great example of another type of wedding venue Seattle has to offer, the parks. Any of which can be affordably rented for a wedding. Every park has a list of amenities it offers on the city’s rental page. Check it out to ensure the park you choose has what you need like restrooms for example. Many local rental companies can deliver chairs, tables, and anything else you need to the park. Some of my favorite parks are Golden Gardens, the Arboretum, and Kubota Garden.

#affordable and beautiful

Almquist Venue is located in near Fremont. This nearly waterfront Seattle wedding venue has an intimate ceremony spaces and moody barrel house interior. The venue can provide spaces for first look and photos, ceremony, reception, and some parking.

#winery vibe

We would love to connect with you about your Seattle wedding. Please fill out our contact sheet or for an immediate response send us a message on Instagram. @Pixeldust_weddings

If you would like to learn more about Seattle wedding venues check out our full Seattle wedding guide blog post.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Wedding Videography

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Check out the three films below for Fairmont Olympic Hotel wedding inspiration.

Fairmont Olympic Wedding | Geoff & Madison
Fairmont Olympic Wedding  + Columbia Tower Club | Ashley & Jon
Fairmont Olympic Wedding | Kevin & Ashley

I always get a rush of excitement when a new wedding videography inquiry comes in for the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle. The Fairmont hotel is a dream venue for being a wedding videographer.

The hotel is an icon of luxury in Seattle. Built in 1924 in a Renaissance-style that has an atmosphere of timeless elegance. It has been recently restored and looks new but historic in its surroundings. With ample real-estate, comprised of three separate ballrooms, you can choose to have your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in one or all. I personally prefer the Garden Room for the ceremony but each has it’s own charms.

As a wedding videographer, I can attest that the Fairmont Olympic Hotel will provide a cinematic canvas for your wedding. The rich carpets, marble floors, and the timeless columns come together to create visual splendor. It is very rare to have so many themed rooms and backdrop options all to the same high standard all under one roof. The exterior is also a great spot for natural light wedding party photos and a city walk photo session. If you are looking to have a downtown Seattle wedding I would highly recommend checking out Fairmont Olympic Hotel and scheduling a tour.

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What we love about a Fairmont Olympic Weddings.

A: The downtown location and the versatility inside and outside the Fairmont itself.

A: Perfect backdrops for an upscale wedding

A: Attention to detail, professionalism, and availability of hotel staff.

Q: Dylan's favorite thing about filming weddings at the Fairmont?

A: How every room you can use throughout the day has it’s own unique vibe to it. I love how this makes for a diverse collage of film backdrops.

Tip: There is a parking garage with an exposed top level about a block to the Northwest. This is a great place for Sunset photos with a downtown city vibe and to catch a quick breather of alone time.

Q: Where are the best places to find out more information about weddings at the Fairmont Hotel?

A: Check out the Fairmont Hotel Weddings Website and the Knot.

A: Photography examples from past weddings at the Fairmont. Here are a few gallerys we love:

Q: How long before your wedding should you be trying to book the Fairmont Hotel for your wedding?

A: You should try to book the Fairmont hotel 1-3 years in advance of your wedding to guarantee your choice of date. If you can be flexible having your wedding on a Friday, Sunday, or mid-week will allow you to book closer to your wedding day because there is less demand for these dates.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel Contact Information

Address: 411 University Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 621-1700


view our


let's connect


We would love to connect with you about your Seattle wedding. Please fill out our contact sheet or for an immediate response send us a message on Instagram. @Pixeldust_weddings

What to know about Wedding Live Streaming

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What to know about Wedding Live Streaming in 2024 & 2025

Wedding Live Streaming is still very much in the mix for 2024 and 2025 weddings. You never know when one of your relatives won’t be able to make the flight or attend due to a health condition. Having a live streaming option ready to go for your ceremony will ensure your piece of mind and allow the people who matter most to share in your special day.

Pixel Dust Weddings has helped many couples by live streaming their wedding ceremonies but fortunately, even if you don’t have a professional videographer at your wedding there are a DIY options.

Woodmark hotel wedding videographer
wedding videography in JM Cellars woodinville

DIY Wedding Live Streaming Guide

Step 1: Choose a Platform

There are several platforms available for live streaming, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and Zoom. Choose the one that best suits your needs and is easy for your guests to access. Typically, YouTube live is the easiest for large numbers of guests. However, it requires you to turn on live streaming capability from your YouTube account which has a 24-48 auto approval window. If you have only a few guests missing Zoom is your best bet but keep in mind the free version only allows for 40 minutes.


Step 2: Test Your Internet Connection

This is the most important step. A stable internet connection is crucial for a smooth live stream. Test your venue’s Wi-Fi connection beforehand to ensure it’s strong enough. You can use any internet speed test but my favorite is Ookla. I just pull the website up on my phone and take 3-5 tests from around the ceremony area. You will need a minimum of 5MBPS Upload Speed. The download speed does not matter whatsoever but ensure you don’t get the two mixed up because the download speed will be 10-100X faster than the upload. If you are at a hotel make sure to ask for the “meeting” or “business” Wi-Fi. Sometimes hotels will put a hard limiter on their guest Wi-Fi, so 5 minutes into your stream it may shut you down.

Alternatively, if the venue does not have Wi-Fi, you can use your cell data plan. I recommend testing this the same way. If you plan to tether your unlimited data plan to a device be sure to read your data plan fine print. Some plans dramatically limit your upload speed when you are tethering vs streaming from your phone.

For reference here is wedding we Live Streamed out in a garden a good distance from the venue with a 5mbps upload speed. This is the absolute lowest upload speed and a healthy 10mbps will result in a far better stream.

Step 3: Select the Right Equipment for Streaming

Unless you have a friend with a nice video camera and a tripod, you will probably want to use your smartphone or laptop. When streaming with a laptop I recommend using the free program OBS to manage the stream. It’s a little complicated, so be sure to watch a 10 minute YouTube tutorial on it before you dive it.

Don’t forget about audio! If you have a DJ or MC who will be providing a microphone and speakers for your ceremony this will be much easier. I would recommend having your live streamer stand near one of the speakers. Yes, the angle won’t be ideal but hearing every word is far more important. Alternatively, you can purchase a Bluetooth Microphone system which will run you between $100-200. The most popular one right now is the Rode Wireless GO II but as long as you purchase a Bluetooth mic any will be fine. Once you have the mic, plug one end into your cell phone or laptop (you may need an adapter). Then plug the microphone part directly into you DJ or MC’s sound system (please give them a heads up before the wedding that you plan to do this) or you can clip the microphone directly onto your officiant.


Step 4: Let your Vendors know you will be Live Streaming

If you have a coordinator/planner, DJ/MC, and a photographer/videographer make sure they know beforehand that you will have someone live streaming your ceremony!


Step 5: Do a Trial Run

Before the big day, do a trial run to test the video and audio quality, and to ensure everything runs smoothly. This will help you identify and fix any potential issues in advance. If you can’t do a test before the wedding day make sure to do one on the day of.


Step 6: Inform Your Guests

Let your guests know in advance that you’ll be live streaming your wedding. Provide them with the date, time, and the platform link where they can watch the ceremony. On the wedding day if you are using Wi-Fi to stream insure the other guests do not have access to it until after the ceremony.


Step 7: Start Streaming

On your wedding day, start the live stream a few minutes before the ceremony begins to give your online guests time to join and for you to deal with any problems that may occur.


Step 8: Save and Share

Most platforms allow you to save your live stream video. This can be shared later with those who couldn’t attend or watch the live stream.

Is it worth it to Live Stream your wedding ceremony yourself?

If you made it through this guide and thought to yourself, that all sounds a little complicated. You wouldn’t be wrong. Live Streaming is difficult because there are so many scenarios that require a different approach and if you don’t take that approach it can blow up in your face at the worst possible moment. My advice is if it’s an easy situation then go for it. For example you are having your wedding somewhere you know the Wi-Fi is solid, there are good natural acoustics, communication from the venue is amazing, and you have a friend with a nice phone who is tech savey. If not then I recommend hiring a professional because honestly the stress on your wedding day is not worth it. Live Streaming can be added to any of our wedding videography packages. Check out our full pricing here:

Washington Athletic Club Wedding

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Anna and Kevin’s storybook Washington Athletic Club Wedding in Seattle, WA

Washington Athletic Club Wedding reception

The Washington Athletic Club or WAC is a historical landmark in Seattle offering a premiere luxury wedding setting with the nicest staff in the city.

For me, Anna and Kevin’s wedding began with a photo & video session on their en-suite balcony of the Washington Athletic Club. It was awesome being able to step out to out the room and be up there with the tops of the Seattle skyline. Through a slice in the buildings you could even see the ferries pass by. The still from their film wedding teaser film to the right is was taken from there.

The Washington Athletic Club (WAC) is a historic venue in downtown Seattle. In my opinion it has the perfect balance of convenience, luxury, and well run management for a wedding venue. As a wedding videographer this is the perfect venue; no fuss, just a lot of wedding goodness. Every corner of the WAC is meticulously designed. Making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a high-end backdrop to their wedding. My favorite details are the ballroom with it’s canopy of chandeliers, the library which we used for family photos, and the en-suite rooftop balcony.

One of my personal highlights of working weddings at the Washington Athletic Club is the exceptional staff. From the moment I arrived, their warmth and professionalism made me feel welcome. I knew they were always available even if I just needed a hand. If a vendor is treated like such a valued guest I can expect the actual guest experience is fantastic.

Check out the Washington Athletic Club for your wedding at

Address: 1325 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 622-7900

Play: The Sneak Peek Film

Be sure to check out more Seattle wedding venues on our portfolio page found here:

The Vendor Team:

Venue: @thewacseattle

Location: Seattle, WA

Photography: @courtneybowlden

Videography: @PixelDustWeddings

Coordinator: @nweventsuccess

Band: @bluewaveband

Florist: @nadira_design

Cake: @thesweetsideseattle

Dress: @samila.bridal

Hair/Makeup: @zoandcostyling