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Romantic Washington Elopement Wedding in Madina

By Bellevue Wedding Videographer, Real Weddings, Seattle Wedding Videographer

Elopement Wedding Film on Lake Washington

Sitting in my car on a drizzly June morning, waiting and pleading with the sun to come out I wondered what my first social distancing wedding would feel like. Ron and James had changed their plans for a traditional wedding party to an elopement wedding at a public part on the shores of Lake Washington. A few minutes later the sun broke and a while after that I saw a well dressed man with a huge smile on his face strolling down the hill. From that moment on I forgot about worries and remembered why I do this, love. I couldn’t have been more honored to be a little part of James and Ron’s big day and I am looking forward to the rest of this season whatever it may be with confidence, optimism, and a lot of love. I also would like to do a shout out to David Cooper from Forever, Together – Western Washington Wedding Officiants for performing the lovely ceremony.

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Seattle Wedding Videographer now offering wedding and ceremony Live Streaming options so your family can stay safe and not miss a moment of your wedding ceremony

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Due to covid-19 and social distancing requirements has your wedding guest list needed to be dramatically reduced? Are you forgoing the traditional large wedding in favor of a smaller event or an elopement? Are you now hosting your wedding in a backyard or a local park? With video live streaming you can create a safe atmosphere for your wedding and ensure all of your friends and family will not miss a moment of your wedding day celebration.

There are many reasons why couples in the greater Seattle area and the state of Washington are now looking into smaller weddings. To meet social distancing requirements indoor venues that already meet a high level of safety requirements are currently (July 2020) required to keep capacity less than 25%. That means for many couples out there dramatically reducing their guest list. But for most a wedding isn’t a wedding if it cant be witnessed and celebrated with all of their loved ones and +1’s 🙂

To solve this problem Pixeldust Weddings a Seattle based wedding videography company is now offering live streaming for wedding ceremonies and toasts. The setup is low-key, portable, and can work anywhere there is wireless internet or a reliable cell connection. Your digital guests can tune in at a set time from anywhere in the world with an easy to use link. They can even comment in real time during your ceremony!

Wedding video live streaming is a great solution for many couples who already have plans in place or simply can’t wait an indeterminate amount of time to get married. Stay safe out there everyone!

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