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Fairmont Olympic Hotel Wedding Videography

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Check out the three films below for Fairmont Olympic Hotel wedding inspiration.

Fairmont Olympic Wedding | Geoff & Madison
Fairmont Olympic Wedding  + Columbia Tower Club | Ashley & Jon
Fairmont Olympic Wedding | Kevin & Ashley

I always get a rush of excitement when a new wedding videography inquiry comes in for the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle. The Fairmont hotel is a dream venue for being a wedding videographer.

The hotel is an icon of luxury in Seattle. Built in 1924 in a Renaissance-style that has an atmosphere of timeless elegance. It has been recently restored and looks new but historic in its surroundings. With ample real-estate, comprised of three separate ballrooms, you can choose to have your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in one or all. I personally prefer the Garden Room for the ceremony but each has it’s own charms.

As a wedding videographer, I can attest that the Fairmont Olympic Hotel will provide a cinematic canvas for your wedding. The rich carpets, marble floors, and the timeless columns come together to create visual splendor. It is very rare to have so many themed rooms and backdrop options all to the same high standard all under one roof. The exterior is also a great spot for natural light wedding party photos and a city walk photo session. If you are looking to have a downtown Seattle wedding I would highly recommend checking out Fairmont Olympic Hotel and scheduling a tour.

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What we love about a Fairmont Olympic Weddings.

A: The downtown location and the versatility inside and outside the Fairmont itself.

A: Perfect backdrops for an upscale wedding

A: Attention to detail, professionalism, and availability of hotel staff.

Q: Dylan's favorite thing about filming weddings at the Fairmont?

A: How every room you can use throughout the day has it’s own unique vibe to it. I love how this makes for a diverse collage of film backdrops.

Tip: There is a parking garage with an exposed top level about a block to the Northwest. This is a great place for Sunset photos with a downtown city vibe and to catch a quick breather of alone time.

Q: Where are the best places to find out more information about weddings at the Fairmont Hotel?

A: Check out the Fairmont Hotel Weddings Website and the Knot.

A: Photography examples from past weddings at the Fairmont. Here are a few gallerys we love:

Q: How long before your wedding should you be trying to book the Fairmont Hotel for your wedding?

A: You should try to book the Fairmont hotel 1-3 years in advance of your wedding to guarantee your choice of date. If you can be flexible having your wedding on a Friday, Sunday, or mid-week will allow you to book closer to your wedding day because there is less demand for these dates.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel Contact Information

Address: 411 University Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 621-1700


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