Offseason and Mid-week Wedding Videography Special Discounts

Everything is so expensive now a days right? Well now wedding videography doesn’t have to be. I am proud to announce that going forward Pixel Dust will be offering discounts on Offseason and Mid-Week wedding Videography. This way everyone can get amazing videography coverage for their wedding and still stay within budget!

This is a tremendous wedding videography deal for anyone out there with a little flexibility to their date. I got married on a Tuesday and it was one of the best decisions for my wedding! Check out this great photo of my mid-week ceremony by Mariah Gentry photography.

Inquire to get specific pricing for your date.
Offseason (Nov-March) Midweek (M-TR)

mid-week wedding videography special in seattle filmed at Parsons Garden
Dylan’s mid-week wedding ceremony in Seattle at Parsons Garden

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